Honey Castella Cake (Kasutera)

Honey Castella Cake (Kasutera)

Hello! It’s cherry blossom season once again here in Washington DC! I’ve had enough of the loooong bad winter we had this year and I just can’t wait to go out and enjoy the awesome weather that’s finally here!  Earlier this week, we went to see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom around the tidal basin. It’s fun to see so many tourists visit and enjoying one of the best time of the year.  I got so inspired with the lovely cherry blossom trees it made me want to make something Japanese.

Here’s my first try in making castella cake. It’s soft like sponge cake! I always see these in Korean bakery and love them. Check out how I made them and try em too!


85 g egg whites
60 g sugar
60 g egg yolks
20 g honey
60 g bread flour
20 g whole  milk

The first step to making castella is meringue.  With a mixer, I whisked 85 g of egg whites (roughly 3-4 eggs) until the bubbles become some. Then, slowly add sugar and continue whisking (in medium – fast speed) until the meringue reaches firm peak (see image below). Next, add 60 g egg yolks one at a time.


Next, add 60 g egg yolks one at a time. At this time, the batter start becoming creamy.  Remember  to whisk only in one direction.

Next, add 20 honey and whisk again.

Then, sift 30 g of bread flour into the mixture and mix.  Add the rest of the flour in and mix.

Lastly, add 20 g milk.


Neatly place parchment paper inside a baking pan, then pour the batter.


Place the batter in a preheated oven at 320F and bake for 35 minutes.   After 35 minutes, take it out of  the even and tap on wooden surface three times to stop the cake from shrinking :)


Let the cake cool down for about 10 minutes and slowly slice all four sides of the cake like a traditional castella cake. (see next two images below) except the top part.




The top of my castella cake got slightly messed up because I didn’t wait long enough to let it cool down.  Nonetheless, I loved how it tasted and the texture is moist and soft!





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